• UNIQUE CONCEPT - "Wellness resort of industrial design located in a mountain environment is unique in Europe!" [Source: KPMG -Feasibility Study].

  • LUXURY HOTEL SERVICES - Restaurant, bar, cafe, wellness, hotel, balneo services, all managed by a renowned operator in the 4*+ category.

  • VIP BENEFITS - Use of wellness with priority reservation, signature privilege when billing individual services and more.

  • PERFECT SERVICE - Cleaning, maintenance, linen change, minor repairs, mining and other services can be provided by an experienced hotel operator.

  • HIGH PROFITS - Private lofts included in the hotel capacity can achieve stable high yields thanks to the above-standard quality.

  • VALUE GROWTH OVER TIME - Concept, design, location, service, revenues - all this gives a solid assumption of long-term growth of their value over time.

  • REASONABLE PRICES - The lofts are large and luxurious, but by using the mass of the factory, we save a significant part of the construction costs, which makes the purchase prices of the lofts very favorable.

  • NO OPERATING COSTS - When using the Rentalpool program, all operating costs of your private loft are covered by the hotel operator.


Factoryard1842 lofts are attractive in design, location and full hotel service. They are larger than other mountain apartments, while the price does not exceed the normal level on the market. In addition, their exclusive parameters make it possible to set the income from subsequent rentals significantly more favorably than elsewhere. This is a relevant reason for the high rate of investment appreciation, depending on the type and size of the loft and the way it is rented (Rental pool program / individual rental).

Absolute uniqueness gives a very solid basis for the long-term growth of their value over time.



A charming, active, unobtrusive, and very perspective town with a medieval history, good transport accessibility (6 km from route D11), with developed possibilities for year-round active recreation in the Krkonoše Mountains.

In this beautiful mountain environment, you can do intensive sports, recreation, or pleasantly relax in the sensory-charged industrial environment of a historic factory.

The city has long-term focus on tourism and, as one of the few in the Krkonoše Mountains, has considerable potential for further development. A very interesting destination.



Gastronomy, reception, service, wellness and fitness facilities, rental of bicycles and other sports equipment - all under the direction of a renowned hotel operator, at the 4*+ level. The environment of the charismatic factory allows the setting of an informal, elegantly luxurious concept mainly thanks to the generosity of the spaces, where there is no need to save space.



Pure, even raw, without embellishments, surrounded by lush greenery, ponds, mountains... The layout and dimensions of the lofts are luxurious, lots of light and unobstructed views from the impressive interiors and terraces, natural materials, modern technology.

The charming factory from 1842 is perfect - no need to insulate, tear down or modify. It will remain as it is - just brick, metal, wood, glass and the original plaster battered by wind and rain. In addition, equipment and facilities of the highest quality.



Right in the city and in the surrounding area, there are plenty of opportunities for sports and leisure activities throughout the year - cross-country and downhill skiing, mountain and road cycling, hiking, cultural, historical and technical monuments, a water dam, a golf course and more.

The city organizes and financially supports traditional cultural events, regular cycling races and others.

Resort Factoryard1842 will also add top hotel and wellness services.



In order for the services to work well, the resort must live - the KPMG analysis, carried out as part of the preparation of the Business and Financial Feasibility Study, set a concept that will ensure the resort's year-round occupancy. The renowned hotel operator confirmed it in full.

Segmentation of hotel clientele:

  • Domestic tourists 26%

  • Tourists foreigners 18%

  • Athletes and golf clientele 8%

  • Corporate events and conferences 30%

  • Business clientele 11%

  • Social events and weddings 5%

  • Other clientele 2%

The thermal mineral waters, which were found under the area by exploratory wells as part of the earlier mapping of the subsoil, increase the attractiveness of the resort even more.

The hotel's offer is extended by large studios to satisfy guests' artistic passions - painting, welding, concrete pouring, carving, there is plenty of space.