Unique design - to have under one roof a generous industrial loft, an elegant glazed suite with an open view of the sky and Sněžka, all this with the flavor of a mountain chalet is a combination that cannot be repeated elsewhere...

We will preserve the maximum of the existing - all the original structures, surfaces and rustic imperfections of the old factory. We entrusted the demanding and specific implementation to a company with excellent references, which approaches the fabric and the assignment with the necessary sensitivity and respect.

The industrial is great - it looks imposing and architecturally very clean. It seems that all you have to do is arrange it stylishly, arrive, lean the motorbike, take a shower and go for a bike ride, to a restaurant or one of the swimming pools.

The great thing about this factory is that each space has its own character. The white hall is like a temple - so the studios. Another one has a bit of a "dirty look" - nice for a fresh bistro with the smell of coffee, another is in retro turquoise with a drop of old pink - ideal for a restaurant. "Wet" linen spinning room with original enamel (!) tiling - amazing space for a black steel pool. And the one with the cast iron columns? After all, lofts, real lofts! Everything is pleasantly authentic and different from other textiles, because it was originally a large steam mill - hence the uniqueness... 

Even your loft will be unique - we will "tailor" it to you exactly, just choose which part of the space you want to cut for it.

The patina of plasters and surfaces is characteristic of the factory, so we will keep it in its original state. Contrasted with new additions, technical details and luxury equipment, it allows for a welcoming yet exciting environment.

Lush greenery is the second characteristic feature of the area. Breathtaking old trees, bushes, meadows - it just needs to be lovingly adjusted, aired, lit... A great environment for great relaxation!