For the loft apartments, we selected the best 3,490 m² of the main building. The 2nd floor is ready, we will adjust the 3rd floor by raising the original roof. Each loft will have at least two terraces. A park with mature trees provides views of literally flooded greenery from the ground floor of the lofts. From the upper floor there are impressive views of the surrounding mountains - Sněžka, Vraní hory and Rýchory.



There is a certain order and rawness here - the space for lofts has an area of 100x20m and a height of over 9m. Its mass in the archetypal form of a block with a classic gable roof is divided vertically into 10 lofts. These have two floors, both will be extra high. The ground floor of the lofts is almost 15m long, but very bright thanks to large windows, glazing on the entrance side and a partially glazed ceiling. The upper floor has two fully glazed walls, a raised glass skylight across the entire width and, in good weather, the possibility of opening a large part of the roof.

Both the lofts and the building itself appear natural, majestic and noble.


The lofts do not "see" each other, the entrance to the building is only by card and the terraces have "railings" from the overhang of the perimeter wall, so they are not visible from the surroundings at all.


Floor area 197-268m²

2nd floor - entrance, motorcycle/bicycle parking, dressing room, toilet, kitchen, living room, possible terrace. Industrial design, cast iron columns, original industrial flooring and surfaces. On the ground floor, despite its respectable length of 16m, it is very bright thanks to the large factory windows and the space open to the roof at the entrance. The upstairs bedroom is a gallery, separated from the ground floor by a glass partition.

3rd floor - modern suite with fully glazed walls at both ends towards the terraces. One large terrace can be created along the entire length of the floor from E to Z. Modern materials, views, bathroom, WC. A space suitable as a master's bedroom, two children's rooms or two separate bedrooms.

4th floor - 4.5 m high attic in the design of a mountain hut, lots of wood, abundant glazing, possibly an impressive terrace along the entire length of the floor. There is also a bathroom and toilet here. It can be used as a parent's bedroom, guest room or children's room.

Floor plan options


TYPE "B" LOFTS - floor area 84-111 m², created by the horizontal division of the type "A" loft into two separate parts, which have their own entrances and terraces. They are single-storey, located on the 2nd floor, have a pure industrial design, their own open terrace towards the west, high ceilings and, despite the length of 16m, are very light and airy.

TYPE "C" LOFTS - floor area 91-112 m², are always in 3rd and 4th floors. On the ground floor they have the character of a modern luxury suite with spacious terraces and views, the 5m high attic has the character of a real mountain hut with wooden paneling and they can have a terrace on the south side along the entire length of the floor with full glazing.

TYPE "D" LOFTS - floor area 348-409 m², the three largest lofts in the northern and southern parts of the building with the best views and the largest terraces.

LOFT "E" (L14) - floor area 151 m². There is only one, on the 2nd floor on the east side of the building, above the hoppers, it has a terrace of 53 m², high ceilings, pure industrial design and a separate guest room across the terrace.

All lofts are accessible from the corridor by a personal lift and a cargo lift for bicycles, motorbikes, etc. The terraces have a high load-bearing capacity, so hot tubs and other equipment can be installed.

FLOOR PLAN 1st FLOOR - Hotel  (wellness, cafe and bistro with bakery)

2nd FLOOR PLAN - Private lofts

3rd & 4th FLOOR PLAN - Private lofts