• Upgrades to the best services upon your arrival, permanent personal care

  • Privilege of signature and direct billing of resort services, such as restaurant, cafe, bar, room service, individual spa and fitness procedures, office support for business meetings, etc.

  • Invitations to select special events throughout the year

  • Individual websites with interactive assistance to meet your needs during your stay

  • Priority reservation in gastronomic and wellness establishments

  • Covered parking

  • Access to all public events

  • High speed internet connection

  • Private roof terraces

  • Reliable technical and security facilities 24/7, including reception and concierge services

  • Free access to fitness and wellness at a flat rate for the entire duration of your stay (assistance, training, coaching, massage, cosmetic and other individual services require payment)

  • Guaranteed return - each loft, purchased including recommended design equipment, can be classified according to the owner's preferences to hotel capacities within the Rental Pool Program - with full service and corresponding return

  • Cost-free operation of your loft - if you use the Rental Pool Program, you can automatically count on zero costs for energy, water, media connection, service work, maintenance, cleaning and security service, room service, even when you use the loft yourself