Balneo hotel | Mountain apartments | Industrial lofts with a view of Sněžka

"Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury" - Coco Chanel

We are preparing for you, in cooperation with OREA Hotels & Resorts, a top hotel and residential resort. Mountain, unique, design. We have entrusted it to the hands of a foreign architectural studio with many world awards - Balbek bureau. We have the real estate, the building permits and a fantastic implementation team, made up exclusively of renowned, passionate specialists. And it will also be the most accessible resort in the Giant Mountains, just 4 km from the D11 route. It will be very 'chic' and the only one in Europe! [Source: KPMG, Feasibility Study]

1 Balneo hotel 

140 rooms, a generous Spa, two 25 m swimming pools, restaurant, bistro, bakery, summer cinema and much more. All this on 2.5 hectares of a factory dating back to 1842, on a hill, with views in all directions, on the border between town and pasture, where every day is Sunday.

100 Mountain Apartments

Each with a balcony, long south facing view, stylishly furnished and at a good price. Stable yield, three weeks a year for own use. Plus great service throughout the four-star resort. And for you always zero running costs, no repairs, no cleaning, just no worries at all.

21 Industrial Lofts

Large, exclusive, with terraces and amazing views up to Sněžka. Original industrial plus modern design. They are very special, limited number, sale is private, not advertised.  And don't forget - first class four star service and amenities will always be on hand.